Wish you were here or Everything will be alright

My wish with these works has been to experiment with the idea of a crossover between the form of craft which is weaving and that of printing.


Weaving requires patience and dedication, adding one line at a time with the shuttle on the loom to create the whole.  I adopted the same concept with these works, using my printmaking tools to create line by line of colour. Overall, I wanted a sense of woven movement, both up close and at a distance.


As I worked, I began to see my environment revealing itself along lines, imagined as well as real. I found myself discovering horizontal and vertical lines where I hadn’t noticed them before, in nature, as in design. I became totally engrossed and inspired by this. So these works grew further out of this way of seeing. I was excited to see where it would take me. The title indicates a duality which I enjoyed developing. It was fun to work with two areas in mind and to have a wider generating scope.


“Everything will be all right” is for me a natural human wish, which in some way connects all people of the world today. It can be read literally or with some sense of irony.


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